America Needs AGJobs

Stop the Harvest of Shame

"If we do not have a dependable workforce now and in the future, the American specialty agriculture as we know it will little by little disappear to other countries...
We want to keep these farms and these jobs in America! We want our trained, experienced, and trusted workers to be able to keep working with us, to live openly in our society."
  - Agricultural producer Peter Orum, President, American Nursery & Landscape Association

"Farmworkers put food on the tables of Americans across this country. Our system of agriculture would be crippled without their hard work. It is time for farmworkers to be fairly rewarded and for labor laws to be properly enforced."
  - Lupe Martinez, Chair, National Farmworker Alliance

Benefits to the American agricultural economy

American agriculture relies heavily on migrant and seasonal labor. Seasonal and migrant workers produce the food found on the dinner tables of all Americans. Each year this includes picking and harvesting:

This threatened sector of the economy needs a stable workforce to keep America’s farms running and profitable. The AgJobs bill is supported by more than 500 organizations and business associations including: U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Council of Agricultural Employers; United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO.

The Farmworker Crisis: Poverty and Harsh Working Conditions

Farmworkers earn between $10,000 and $12,500 per year. Farmworkers suffer from the highest rate of toxic chemical injuries of any workers in the U.S.

Solving the Crisis: The Win-Win Approach of AgJOBS